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Book reprinted to mark late musician’s birthday

July 25, 2015 by vietnamnews

tvk tu truyên
Music maestro: Tran Van Khe spent his entire life to safekeep the traditional musical heritage of Viet Nam

HCM CITY (VNS) — Autobiography of Professor Tran Van Khe, one of the greatest masters of Vietnamese traditional music, who passed away 24th June, has been reprinted for the sixth time to commemorate his birthday on July 24th.
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Tri Viet Book Company, which published the book Nhung cau chuyen tu trai tim (Stories from the heart) in 2010 on the occasion of his 90th birthday has sold out more than 15,000 copies through five reprinting times.

The new edition is included updated information written during the last years of his life. During years of his life, the musicologist not only contributes the life the immense materials about culture, traditional music, but experience he learned during his life, according to the company.

In the new book, what he wrote during the last days of his life was put in a new chapter “Important choices in my life”.

In just 12,000 words, he listed 11 most decisive choices that makes his life and career. He wrote that every person has different life situation, job, personality, so life of them is not the same. People with will or courage can make their-own decision for their life and future.

Life of Professor Tran Van Khe, an interesting journey with up and down, knew Vietnamese traditional music very early and underwent numerous challenges that prevent him from pursuing his love for the music.

In the book, he recalls his childhood in Vinh Kim Village in Mekong Delta’s Tien Giang Province. Having lost both parents, he went abroad and promote Vietnamese traditional music around the globe. — VNS

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